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While the last volume of Transactions appeared beneath the shadow of the War, the present issue is published under a clearer sky. This transition is marked by the Peace Banquet, a full report of which will be found below. Presided over by the Et. Hon. the Earl of Eeading, Lord Chief Justice, now Viceroy of India, and attended by many distinguished guests, the function celebrated at once the Declaration of Peace and the Society's semi-jubilee. The occasion was a memorable one, and its triumph was signal in several ways. It gave the opportunity for the Lord High Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice, and the American Ambassador to offer public testimony to the impor? tant services which Jews had rendered to the Allied cause.It enabled the community to realise the achievements of the Society in organising research into the documents of Anglo Jewish history. Financially, too, the celebration was satis? factory, over ?1000 being collected and added to the funds of the Society after the payment of all expenses. These excellent results were largely due to the energy of the President, Mr. H. S. Q. Henriques, K.C., the Treasurer, Mr. Gustave Tuck, and of the Honorary Secretaries, the Eev. E. Levine, Mr. A. Abrahams, and Mr. C. Picciotto. The Society's appreciation of these services is here gratefully placed on record.

Nor was the Peace Banquet the only ground for satisfaction. The three Presidents who have held office during the period under review have maintained that efficiency in research and organisa? tion which their predecessors had firmly established. Unhappily the death of Sir Lionel Abrahams has removed one of the most devoted and accomplished students of Anglo-Jewish records. Despite his onerous and responsible duties at the India Office, Sir Lionel Abrahams never forsook the studies which, in earlier years, won for his famous essay on the " Expulsion of the Jews from England " the Arnold Prize in the University of Oxford (1894). Not only by his own essays and addresses, but also by his stimulus to others, Sir Lionel Abrahams was a promoter and organiser of much valuable work. To him is owing also the scheme for research into the period 1206-1290, published in the eighth volume of Transactions; and it is a pleasure to report that some way has already been made in carrying out his design. For instance, the suggestion that account must be taken of the unprinted Latin documents which accompany the Hebrew Shetaroth in the British Museum is in process of accomplishment, A volume of these documents is actually now in type.It was also during Sir Lionel Abrahams' presidency that a scheme for post-expulsion publications was drawn up by a sub-Committee appointed for the purpose. A fuller reference to this is made later on p. xiii, where the progress achieved is explained and the co? operation of members invited. Turning to Sir Lionel Abrahams' successor, Mr. H. S. Q. Henriques, K.C., delivered several addresses of much value (as will be seen from the papers printed in the present

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