It is with feelings of gratitude and satisfaction that the Society may review its work during the troubled years which have passed since the last volume of Transactions was published. The meetings have been well attended, and much interest has been expressed in the papers presented. But more than this, far reaching plans for future research have been formulated. As will be seen from the Eeports of two Sub-Committees printed below (Appendices I. and II.), the Council has provided fresh ideas and suggested means for their practical realisation.

The Society has indeed been fortunate in its Presidents, to whom it owes much of its present vitality. The volume now issued includes Presidential Addresses by Mr. E. N. Adler, Dr. H. P. Stokes, and Sir Lionel Abrahams. It was at the special initiative of the last named that the new plans already referred to were considered and matured. To Dr. Stokes,

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