The present volume of the ” Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England ” includes, besides Papers read at its meetings, (a) a full Report of the festival celebrating the Jubilee of Political Emancipation, (b) the text of Sir Robert Grant’s Bill of 1830, (c) a reprint of the late Prof. Maitland’s essay on the ” Deacon and the Jewess,” (d) various Biblio? graphies and Appendices, (e) a number of illustrations, (/) Laws, lists of members, balance sheets, and (g) Index. Mem? bers will observe that they have already received a consider? able portion of the volume in the shape of advance fascicules. The present method is to issue such fascicules as soon as the authors of papers prepare them for publication; subsequently these fascicules are repeated in volume form, with fresh matter, and with illustrations. By this method unreasonable delay in presenting the papers is avoided. Several fascicules

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