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This volume is the first to appear in its new format, and reflects the aim of the Society to make its publications known and available on as wide a basis as possible. It reflects also the desire of the Society to show itself involved not only in the history of the Jewish communities in the British Isles but also of all those who directly or indirectly came into contact with British Jewry. This has for some years been increasingly reflected in the range of papers included in the programme of lectures delivered under the auspices of the Society. It was thereafter obvious that if a lecture had been delivered under the Society's auspices it should be published by it. There remained, however, a feeling that the Society was not particularly interested in the history of communities outside these islands. It is to eradicate such an impression that the Society has now made this change.

A further difference is marked in this volume. The Society had earlier differentiated between lectures delivered to the Society, and Miscellanies, papers which had not been delivered or which were by the nature of their contents unsuitable for such delivery. In consequence, previous editors or chairmen of publications who have wanted to offer a permanent home to particular papers, have had to resort to some artifice to include them. This volume emphasizes the new policy of paying more attention to the nature of the paper offered, than to whether it has been delivered. The policy will still be, naturally, to invite those who have lectured to the Society to submit their papers for publication, and such lectures will certainly provide the bulk of this and succeeding volumes. It is hoped, however, that many who are not in a position to lecture to the Society will feel able to submit papers for considera? tion by the Publications Committee.

This volume was to have been in honour of Richard Barnett and as a token of the esteem in which he was held by the Society. Unfortunately, delays which have been inevitable, but which are doubly regretted, have meant that it contains essays in memory of him. Elsewhere tributes are paid, but as Chairman of the Publications Committee it is my melancholy task to pay my own tribute to my predecessor in that office. There have been worthy Chairmen of Publications in the Society, but none have laid the Society under a greater obligation. Both in the publications which he himself offered to the Society, and the many kindnesses he offered to others, he was beyond compare. No young scholar asked him for advice on publication in vain, and indeed even after he surrendered office he was always available when his successor found technical difficulties crowding in on him. One of his aims was to complete the publication of The Exchequer of the Jews, and this must now remain of the highest priority to the Society.

Since the appearance of the previous volume Professor Abramsky has completed his term as President and

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