The publication of Volume IV. of the ” Transactions ” coincides with the completion of the tenth year of the Society’s existence. The volume contains a selection from the papers read before the Society during the years 1899, 1900 and 1901. Two pre? sidential addresses are included. The first is by Mr. Claude G. Montefiore, who was President of the Society for the session 1899-1900; the second is by Mr. Frederic D. Mocatta, who filled the Presidentship for two sessions, 1900-1901 and 1901-1902. At the present date the President is Mr. Isidore Spielmann, F.S.A. His proposal for the formation of a Jewish museum will receive full attention during the present and subsequent sessions.

Owing in large measure to the energy of the Presidents, the Society has been able to consolidate its old work and to develop new activities. The membership has grown to about 250. There have been some changes

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