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The appearance of the present volume has been inescapably delayed, much to the regret of the Publications Committee and of the Society as a whole, by the protracted illness and eventual death of our distinguished Editor. This subject is more fittingly dealt with on another page. However, the temporary editorial arrangement devised to carry through the publication of this volume in his honour, which the recipient of the honour himself could hardly be expected to edit, has proved an invaluable lifeline to carry on the publication and its tradition without interruption. Dr Aubrey New? man kindly undertook to edit this number, ori? ginally to be published with a dedication to Mr Shaftesley, while Mr Jeremy Schonfield (who has experience in the field of publishing and printing) has most fortunately proved available to take on the task of Assistant Editor for this present number. It is to be hoped that his association with this series will prove to be of a lasting character.

Other Publications

Chief Rabbi Sir I. Jakobovits' lecture, delivered on 16 May 1979, is being printed as a separate pamphlet, and will be very shortly in the hands of members.

It was stated in the Preface to Transactions XXVI that the Cumulative Index to Transactions I-XX and Miscellanies I-VI was nearly ready for printing. Unfortunately, again owing to the ill-health of Mr Shaftesley, this statement failed to be substantiated. Meanwhile, so long had the delay grown between promise and performance, and so many years slipped by, that the Executive and Council felt that it would be better to extend the Index by five volumes to bring it up to include Vol. XXV, and thereby increase its usefulness by a relatively small addi? tional effort. The task, alas, was left still unfinished by Mr Shaftesley (a most enthusiastic indexer when in good health) and has been taken over by Mr Walter Schwab, himself a former Honorary Editor. It is hoped to have it in members' hands early in 1982. Our late Editor reported that he had received a firm promise of a generous grant from an anonymous friend towards the cost of typing out the Index for publication. Unfortunately, the secret of the source of this donation died with him. If any reader, seeing these lines, should chance to know it and would kindly inform us in confidence of the answer, we would be most grateful.

Copy is already being considered for publication in Transactions XXVlll-Miscellanies XIV.

Copy is already being considered for publication in Transactions XXVlll-Miscellanies XIV. Publication of two further volumes of medieval Plea Rolls - the Exchequer of the Jews V and VI - was also mentioned in our last Preface as forming part of the Society's present programme, and this is being steadily pressed forward. As members of this Society know, in medieval times the Jews were the king's property and their financial transactions were recorded officially in minute detail. These records thus give us many invaluable insights into med?

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