The Publications Committee has pleasure in presenting to the members of the Jewish Historical Society of England Volume XXV of the Society’s Transactions and Part X of the Miscellanies. Volume XXIV was issued in 1975 and it was hoped to offer XXV earlier in 1976, but certain technicalities in some of the copy, especially concerning lists, took longer to resolve than expected, especially in the case of two contributions by authors who, we are sorry to record, died some time ago?namely, Mr. G. D. Guttentag, of Newcastle, and the Rev. Morris Rosenbaum. The latter’s provisional list of English Freemasons is therefore prefixed by an editorial note.


In the past session the Society, while active in its normal business of delivering papers on a variety of interesting topics, has had to proceed with caution with its publishing programme. The Preface in the previous volume recorded a more than usually large

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