In accordance with the more regular pro? gramme explained in the last volume of Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England?annual publication if at all practicable the Publications Committee of the Society has pleasure in presenting Volume XXIII one year after Volume XXII.

With it, following the precedent set in the previous volume, is included Miscellanies, Part VIII. Members of the Society would have received their copies even earlier if the postal strike of early 1971 had not inevitably held up progress just at the time when proofs were to have been corrected (some of our contributors on this occasion live abroad, in Canada and the U.S.A., which added to the difficulties).

This same reason is partly responsible for delays in completing and distributing other works which were approaching completion. Two in particular are now in page-proof form, awaiting final details: an important addition (No. 4) to the Plea

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