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I would like to express the Society's thanks to Edgar Samuel, who has chaired the Publications Committee since 1997, supporting the editor with energy, good humour and sound advice, and overseeing the selection of papers for ten volumes, including the present one. We wish him a speedy recovery from the accident that precipitated his resignation, and look forward to publishing further of his papers and reviews. The articles in this volume include papers presented to the Society in the past two years, as well as new research that has not formed part of the lecture series.


Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 42, pp. xi-xiii, the following lectures were delivered.


Dr Lionel Kopelowitz

The Jewry of Newcastle upon Tyne since 1880: ascent and descent

Dr Gerry Black

History of Stepney Jewish Schools, 1864?2007

Dr Alan Swarc

L Entente Cordiale and illegal immigration to Palestine ig4S~48: a tale of French duplicity, British obstinacy and Jewish ingenuity

Richard Sermon

Hebrew and Aramaic records in Roman Britain

Victoria Hoyle

Negotiating the margins: Anglo-Jewish women in the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews

Lawrence Goldman and Professor William Rubinstein

Biographia Anglo-Judaic a: Jews in national biography

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, CBE

River Jews: medieval Jews along the Thames ? a microcosm ofA nglo-Jewry

Professor Michael Alpert

A lost culture: the literature of Ladino speakers

Dr Abigail Green

Rethinking Sir Moses Montefiore and Jewish internationalism

Stephen Massil

Naphtali Hart Myers (iyn?-88): New Yorker and Londoner


Dr Anthony Bale and Hannah Meyer

Reconsidering Mosse-Mokke and Avegaye: Jews, documents and caricatures in
medieval Norwich

Dr Irene Manchester

Ihn Ezra inL ondon and the influence ofS ephardi scholarship inN orthern Europe

Professor David Cesarani

The myth of silence: reconsidering postwar responses in Britain to the recent per-secution and mass murder of Europe's Jews

Professor Roger Leech

The topography ofJ ewish settlement and worship inm edieval and early modern Bristol

Professor Meri-Jane Rochelson Israel Zangwill: a Jew in the public arena

Raymond Kaiman

How European Jews acquired their surnames

Stephen Games

Nikolaus Pevsner: the assimilation of a German art historian

Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert

Charismatic leadership in eighteenth-century Poland: from Israel Baal Shem
Tov to Jacob Frank

Dr Madge Dresser

New approaches to the history of Jews in Bristol, c 1750-c1906

John Cooper

Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild (1840?iqi$), the last of the shtadlanim

Centre for Medieval Studies Conference

conference entitled 'York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of the Massacre', was held in York during March 2010, at the restored King's Manor of the 1560-70 period at the heart of the University. Ninety or so par? ticipants from Britain, France, Germany, Israel

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