I would like to express the Society’s thanks to Edgar Samuel, who has chaired the Publications Committee since 1997, supporting the editor with energy, good humour and sound advice, and overseeing the selection of papers for ten volumes, including the present one. We wish him a speedy recovery from the accident that precipitated his resignation, and look forward to publishing further of his papers and reviews. The articles in this volume include papers presented to the Society in the past two years, as well as new research that has not formed part of the lecture series.


Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 42, pp. xi-xiii, the following lectures were delivered.


Dr Lionel Kopelowitz

The Jewry of Newcastle upon Tyne since 1880: ascent and descent

Dr Gerry Black

History of Stepney

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