The articles in this volume include papers presented to the Society in the past two years, as well as new research that has not formed part of the lecture series.


Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 41, pp. ix-xi, the following lectures were delivered.


Dr Susanne Lachenicht

Early modern German States and the settlement of Jews: Brandenburg-Prussia and the Palatinate, 16th to igth centuries

Dr Frederic Krome

‘Because it is fun?’ Cecil Roth and the writing of national Jewish history, 1941-1968

Dr Clare Hilton

Mauds ley Hospital’s Jewish and refugee psychiatrists

Dr Nathan Abrams

The smaller Jewish communities of Scotland

Raymond Kaiman

Professor Derek Taylor

Don Pacifico – the truth after 150 years

Victor Tunkel

The musical symbols of the Hebrew Bible and the Englishman who decoded them

Charles Corman

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