The papers in this volume include lectures presented to the Society in the past year as well as new research that has not been included in the lecture


Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society inJ ewish Historical Studies: Transactions of theJ ewish Historical Society ofEngland 37, pp. xi-xii, the following lectures were delivered in 2002.

Edward Jamilly
Patrons, clients and developers

Nicholas Evans
The arrival ofJ ewish migrants intoB ritain, 1836-1gi4

Professor Barry Kosmin
The use ofm ilitary statisticsf rom theG reat War as a sourcef or thep opulation
and social history ofA nglo-Je wry

Dr Kenneth Collins
Trachoma and theA liens Act

Kenneth Austin
Immanuel Tremellius (1510-1580) and Christian Hebraism: a sixteenth
centuryJ ewish scholar and convert to theR eformation

Professor Maxine Seller
Survival mechanism, crisism anagement and preparation for thef uture: educa?
tion among German Jewish refugees interned in ig40

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