Philip Guedalla (1889-1944)

Fate has dealt harshly in these past few years with the Jewish Historical Society. The passing of one after the other of the veterans to whom we had owed so much was to be anticipated, but not the loss, at the height of his powers, of our immediate past President, Philip Guedalla. Our Society has been fortunate in the collaboration of eminent men of letters. Guedalla was outstanding among them. He was a member of the Council for many years, and in the old days at least was a regular attendant. Our proceedings were not only enlivened by his mordant wit and brilliant phrasing, but also by the sound counsel which lay beneath them. For his epigrams were an adornment to, not as in the case of so many of his imitators, a substitute for, common sense. In 1938 he became President of our Society, and signalised the occasion by

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