Perkin Warbeck and His Jewish Master

The part played by individual Jews in the history of England during the period that intervened between the Expulsion and the Readmission is negligible. We hear of names like Joachim Gaunse the metallurgist, and Roderigo Lopez the physician, and Philip Ferdinand the Hebraist; but these touch on English history only at its very fringes and (with the exception of the second) hardly receive mention even in works of the greatest detail. Yet if we were to follow the majority of the historians of the Tudors, one figure of the greatest prominence and interest would have to be included in our list. The reign of Henry VII. was continually disturbed by the activities of various pretenders to the throne; and of these none threatened his security so greatly as a youth of the name of Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be Richard, Duke of York, son of Edward IV., and younger

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