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Since Vol. XII of the Transactions was issued, many important events have taken place in the history of the Society. The new centre in the Gustave Tuck Theatre at University College has been opened, two new Memorial Lectures have been instituted and delivered in honour of the late Lucien Wolf and the late Lady Magnus, and an official visit has been paid to Lincoln where the Society was warmly welcomed both by the Cathedral and the civic authorities.

In the last volume there was printed an address delivered by the President, Mr. Gustave Tuck, on December 16, 1929, entitled, "Looking Backward?Looking Forward." In this speech Mr. Tuck outlined the past history of the Society, as well as of the growth of the Mocatta Library and Museum, and revealed his hopes and plans for their future development. After three years these dreams have been happily realised and the Society now possesses a permanent home which is the outcome of the energy and generosity of Mr. Tuck, who has dedicated the building to the loving memory of his wife. Prof. A. E. Richardson has designed a beautiful structure and the authorities of University College have been most sympathetic and helpful in carrying out the plans. The inaugural ceremony took place amid a large and representative gathering on December 13, 1932. The Very Rev. Dr. J. H. Hertz, the Chief Rabbi, conducted the religious ceremony of consecration and took as the text for his address the verse of Deut. xxii, 7, "Remember the days of old, consider the years of each generation,"?words that are now inscribed as a suitable motto for the Society upon the walls of the Theatre. Dr. Hertz pointed out that "the Society sets out neither to lament nor to denounce, nor to idealise the past, but to understand it. . . . Its main purpose is to prepare the ground for the eventual appearance of an adequate account of Jews and Judaism amongst the peoples constituting the British Commonwealth of Nations. . . . The Library and the Museum are indispensable auxiliaries in gathering the building-stones for a
complete historical edifice and for popularising historical knowledge
among the people. . . . The Library founded by the late Frederick David Mocatta, that Maecenas of Jewish scholarship, is the workshop
of the student of Anglo-Je wish history . . . and the Museum, with its objects of beauty and Jewish interest, will bring home even
to a casual visitor the truth that Judaism, in addition to being a body of doctrine and faith, a way of life and of salvation, is also a
civilisation that had made distinct cultural contributions in every sphere of human life, human thought and human achievement. . . ."
Interesting speeches were delivered by Mr. Tuck, Lord Meston, the President of the College, Prof. Sir John Rose Bradford, Chairman of
the College Committee, Dr. Alan Mawer, the Provost, and Haham Dr. M. Gaster. Mr. Tuck handed to Sir John Bradford a cheque for
the sum of

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