Passes Issued to Jews in the Period 1689 to 1696

8. Passes Issued to Jews in the Period 1689 to 1696.

The support given by Louis XIV to the Stuart cause rendered it neces? sary for the Government of William III to watch carefully the passage of travellers, to and from the Continent, in the last decade of the seven? teenth century. The main purpose of this vigilance was, under the aegis of the Grand Alliance, to prevent Jacobite intercourse with France. Hence we find several references in the English State Papers (Domestic Series, William and Mary) to the stringent measures taken for checking the arrival or departure of people without necessary passes. It is inter? esting, however, to observe that Jews were not among the suspects. Thus, when Moses Dejaco and party were stopped at Margate in May 1692 because they were unprovided with passes, they were at once permitted to continue their journey to London when it was

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