On David Ricardo (1772-1823)*

1. Introduction

David Ricardo was born in April 1772, and published his treatise on economics, Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, in April 1817. He was just 45 years old and had recently retired from the Stock Exchange, where he had earned a large fortune.1 From 1812 he had lived at 56 Upper Brook Street in the West End of London and after 1814 he divided his time about equally between London and his country house in Gloucestershire, Gatcombe Park, which incidentally now belongs to the distinguished statesman Lord Butler.

David Ricardo was the father of eight child? ren, the eldest, Osman, being 23 years old and the youngest, Birtha, seven in 1817, the year of the publication of the Principles. Ricardo was born a Jew in 1772 in the City of London, the third child of Abraham Ricardo and Abigail Delvalie. On 20 December 1793 he

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