Note on Isaac Abendana.

In the account of Isaac Abendana’s Latin translation of the Mishnah, printed in an earlier volume of the Transactions,1 I suggested various reasons why the version was not printed. This was a remarkable fact, in view of the great interest felt in the work by prominent scholars, especially in Cambridge, where the translation was made, and where it still exists in MS.

One reason for the failure to print the book?possibly the decisive reason?escaped my memory. It is supplied by a letter written from Cambridge to Professor Bernard in Oxford, under date October 9, 1673. The letter was published by Mr. W. D. Macray, from a Bodleian Manuscript (Smith MS. 8, p. 95), in the Steinschneider Festschrift of 1896, on pp. 89-90. As the volume named is somewhat inaccessible, I now reprint the text of the letter from Mr. Macray’s edition. The letter runs thus

Charissime Domine Professor, Et serius

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