Nineteenth-Century Jewish Colonies in Cyprus

There are ancient and strong connections between Cyprus and Jews. Besides Biblical and post-Biblical references, we learn that in the sixteenth century, when Sultan Selim of Turkey took the island from the Venetians, on the advice of Don Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, Joseph?as the Jewish Encyclopedia primly puts it?’came near attaining the dignity of the Cyprian crown’.1 If it is not near lese-majeste so to add, the closest to direct ruling of the island that a Jew achieved in later times was when, in the nineteenth-century period I shall deal with, one was Deputy Chief Constable for the whole island. At least it was a position directly under the Crown!

In 1878 Cyprus, although still nominally a Turkish province, was occupied by Great Britain as one of the consequences of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 and was adminis? tered by a High Commissioner like a Crown Colony. The Treaty

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