Nina Salaman, 1877-1925.

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The inclusion, in the Transactions, of an official obituary of Nina Salaman needs no justification, even on the grounds of precedent. Nina Salaman was to have been the President of the Society in 1922. The fatal illness which carried her from us, in the prime of her life, three years later, had already sapped her strength and she was unable, for physical reasons, to accept the office. Her place was in no sense taken by her husband, who was elected in her stead. Dr. Salaman admirably filled the position, but he was no understudy of his wife. Their individualities were complementary. Husband and wife repre? sented two distinct aspects, science and art, of the Society's activities, and much as we need and appreciate the one, we can never cease to regret the fact that Nina Salaman was not spared to be the first woman to occupy our presidential chair.

Nevertheless we may call her de jure president. Indeed her works entitle her to the honour, for besides her poetical gifts she possessed a strong sense of history and a love for historical research. Her lectures, delivered at Toynbee Hall and elsewhere, await republication ; one of these has indeed appeared as an Arthur Davis Lecture, but when the others are issued in book form, it will be recognised that Nina Salaman had a real aptitude for historical study : indeed nothing less was to be expected from one who, equipped with the full outfit of a scholar, was also inspired with an almost holy passion for accuracy.

The facts of her life are few and may be told briefly : her memory is secure in the hearts of her many friends and in the permanent custody of the printed pages of her songs. For record here we may recall that her father was the late Arthur Davis, of Derby and London, and that her late mother's maiden name was Louisa Jonas. Arthur Davis was an engineer who taught himself Hebrew. He became a highly proficient Hebrew scholar and an observant Jew. His best known works are his book on Hebrew accents and his edition, jointly with Mr. Herbert Adler, of the Festival Prayer Book according to the AshJcenazic rite of England. But those who have conned the pages of press-cuttings,
containing his contributions to the Jewish and general Press, will recognise how sound and how many-sided was his scholarship. This book, once the treasured possession of Nina Salaman, will, one hopes, find an abiding home in the Mocatta Library, together with literary and other relics of his daughter. It is necessary to emphasise the characteristics of Arthur Davis, because his thoroughness, his taste, his love for Judaism and Jewish learning were transmitted to Nina Salaman. He was an inveterate foe to superficiality : what he touched he adorned. And so there were no half-measures in the Hebrew education of his children. An hour's lesson before breakfast, regular attendance at Synagogue, study of the lectionary of the week were features of their early

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