Nina Salaman, 1877-1925.

The inclusion, in the Transactions, of an official obituary of Nina Salaman needs no justification, even on the grounds of precedent. Nina Salaman was to have been the President of the Society in 1922. The fatal illness which carried her from us, in the prime of her life, three years later, had already sapped her strength and she was unable, for physical reasons, to accept the office. Her place was in no sense taken by her husband, who was elected in her stead. Dr. Salaman admirably filled the position, but he was no understudy of his wife. Their individualities were complementary. Husband and wife repre? sented two distinct aspects, science and art, of the Society’s activities, and much as we need and appreciate the one, we can never cease to regret the fact that Nina Salaman was not spared to be the first woman to occupy our presidential chair.


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