New Material for the Literary History of the English Jews before the Expulsion.

It is an often repeated platitude that there is very little or no evidence for the literary activities of English Jews before the Expulsion. We are told of four or five works, some of them still unpublished, which were compiled in Angevin England. We hear of the Sefer ha-Shoham by Moses ben Isaac Nesiah,1 of a few leaves of poetry by Meir ben Elijah of Norwich,2 of a Calendar by Moses ben Jacob of London,3 of the Etz Hayyim of Jacob ben Judah, the Hazzan of London,4 of the gram? matical and lexicographical work of Moses ben Yom Tob of London,5 and the Laws of Mourning by Meir of England.6 Rabbinic literature of the Middle Ages has preserved, besides these, the names of nine scholars whose teachings were repeated and discussed in the schools of France and Germany during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. WTe give

1 Zunz, Zur Geschichte

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