Naturalisation of Jews in England

In Part VII of the Miscellanies of this Society (published with volume XXII of its Trans? actions in 1970) there was printed a list (com? piled by the late Wilfred S. Samuel) of all Jewish persons endenized and naturalised between 1609 and 1799. Those who refer to that list may find themselves asking a number of questions, not all of which can be answered from Mr. Diamond’s introductory note. What was the real difference between naturalisation and denization? If naturalisation granted a superior status, why did so few Jews acquire it ? In the first part of this paper an attempt will be made to explain the legal and historical background against which such questions can be answered. In the second part some account will be given of the naturalisation of Jews during the period covered by Mr. Samuel’s list. In the third part the story will be carried on

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