Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild (1840—1915), the last of the shtadlanim

Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, otherwise known as Natty, was born on 8 November 1840 and was privately educated before proceeding to Cambridge University. He married his cousin Emma Louisa in 1867 (the two of them were very much in love) and they set up home in London, but his father bought Tring Park, an estate in Hertfordshire bordering on Buckinghamshire, for the couple as their country residence in 1872. The country house was a magnificent example of Wren’s architecture, which was altered so as to become a typical Victorian mansion. Although the size of the estate is often stated to be 15,000 acres, there is good reason to believe that its extent at its height was double this in acreage. At Tring Park, Natty and Emma brought up their three children, Walter, Charlotte and Charles, with a love of animals and of the countryside.1 Natty was much more embedded in the

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