Nathaniel Isaacs and Natal

In the annals of Anglo-Jewry across the seas, the name and fame of Nathaniel Isaacs ought to occupy an exemplary place on its roll of honour. Now that a century has passed since the subject of this paper nobly and actively played his role on the fascinating stage of South African history, it is fitting to emphasise and evaluate those salient features of his unusual career which have endeared his adven? turous and pioneering personality to the historically-conscious Jews of England and South Africa. Let this study be our centennial tribute to his memory. Sincerely and impartially he deserves this honour, inasmuch as he is still a somewhat neglected figure among the historians of Anglo-Je wry.1 Even in South Africa where his character should receive further recognition and appraisement, little has been done to promote in critical vein a fuller and effective account of his con? tribution to the advancement

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