Naphtali Hart Myers (1711-1788): New Yorker and Londoner

Haim Bolaffey dedicated his ‘Easy grammar’ of 1820 to Dr Joseph Hart Myers, whose daughter’s and father’s fortunes I have now traced to serve as the background to reviewing Dr Myers’s career in the broad context of the assimilation of Jews in Britain during the late Enlightenment.11 have taken the family of Maria Hart Myers (1794-1868), ‘the lady of Longueville Clarke’, down to 1929.2 Here I shall concentrate on the earlier generation of Naphtali Hart Myers and his success as an American in London in the late eighteenth century. I acknowledge again the assistance of a New Zealand genealogist, Daryl Coup, himself a descendant of Naphtali’s son Simeon Hart Myers (1765-1803), who has both encouraged and followed some of my findings about Naphtali ‘cheek by jowl’. For the Anglo-Jewish history of the 1760s I also acknowledge references in Raphael Langham’s account of the early history of the Board of Deputies

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