Medieval Sources for Anglo-Jewish History: the Problem of Publication

IN my second Presidential Address, supplemented later by a Memorandum prepared for the Council of this Society, I emphasised certain points in regard to the still un? published medieval material for the History of Anglo-Jewry and the possibility of making it available in print. It has since been suggested that I should draw this matter together and enlarge it a little and the following brief article is the result. My principal object is to suggest, first, that the problem which here presents itself is not in our case (as it sometimes is in other fields1) practically insoluble; secondly, that the Society should at least have a settled policy in regard to it; and, finally, that the year which witnesses the celebration of the Tercentenary of the Resettlement is a particularly suitable one in which to formulate that policy and take the first steps towards carrying it out.

Here then, in

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