Maria Fernandez de Carvajal

5 Maria Fernandez de Carvajal.

In my earliest essay on ” The Resettlement of the Jews in England ” (Lond., 1888, p. 5) I suggested, on circumstantial evidence which then seemed to me convincing, that Maria, the wife of Antonio Fernandez de Carvajal, the founder of the Anglo-Jewish community, was a daughter of Antonio de Souza, then Portuguese Resident or Ambassador in England. The error was pointed out to me very soon after by a friend in Lisbon, who sent me an abstract of a case recorded in the archives of the local Inquisition by which the family of Senora de Carvajal was identified. The facts were briefly recited in my paper on ” Crypto-Jews in the Canaries” (J. H. S. Trans., vol. vii. p. Ill), and were alluded to in my earlier paper on “The Disraeli Family” H. S. Trans., vol. v. pp. 215-216), but they have not hitherto

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