Manuel Levy Duarte (1631-1714): An Amsterdam Merchant Jeweller and His Trade With London

The toleration of Judaism in 17th-century Amster? dam encouraged increasing numbers of Portuguese Jews to settle there, and among these were several wholesale jewellers and diamond polishers from Antwerp and Lisbon.1 They helped to establish the gemstone trade and the diamond polishing industry in the city.2 Portuguese Jews were an important element among the wholesale – or merchant – jewellers of Amsterdam, who financed the industry and distributed its output to the cities of Europe. It is therefore particularly interesting to find the per? sonal and business papers of one of these men, Manuel Levy Duarte, preserved among the records of the Portuguese Jewish Community in the Amsterdam City Archives. Such material is very rare and this copious collection enables us to see how he lived and conducted his business, including his trade with London.

Manuel Levy Mendes do Valle was born in 1631, probably in Amsterdam, into a family

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