Mac Goldsmith

This paper outlines a little-known aspect of Jewish immigration from Central Europe to Britain after 1933 and prior to the outbreak of war: the arrival of refugees, mainly from Germany, who worked in the field of engi? neering. My father’s case, an example of this phenomenon, is unusually well documented and bears features which characterize this field, so will be traced in detail.

Recent years have witnessed a renaissance in the study of Jewish immi? gration to this country, particularly from Nazi Germany, including exhibi? tions as well as the appearance of books and papers on the fields of scientific research, literature, the arts and publishing. No one has yet addressed the area of industry and more specifically of engineering, however, with the notable exception of Wolfgang Mock in 1986,1 whose study still provides the best history of the ‘engineering immigrants’. The present article will therefore cite Mock’s findings concerning

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