Lucien Wolf’s efforts for the Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe*

The diplomatic history of the Jews in Europe is a relatively new subject of study. Since the State of Israel was founded a lot of attention has been devoted to Zionist diplomacy before the First World War, leading to its culmination in the Balfour Declaration. But even more intensive study has been made of the diplomatic activities which led finally to the establishment of Israel. This has reached almost flood proportions.((The literature on the Balfour Declaration and Zionist diplomacy leading to the establish? ment of the State of Israel is enormous. The most important studies are: L. Stein, The Balfour Declaration (London 1961); M. Verete, ‘The Balfour Declaration and its Makers’, Middle Eastern Studies 6 (1970) 48-76; Dvorah Bar? clay, ‘On the Genesis of the Balfour Declara? tion’, Zion 0erusalem 1966, Hebrew) 200ff; C. Abramsky, War, Revolution and the Jewish Dilemma (London 1975); Ben Halpern, The Idea of the Jewish

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