Lord George Gordon was born on the 26th of December 1751, in Upper Grosvenor Street, London. He was a younger son of Cosmo George, third Duke of Gordon. King George II was his godfather. As a youth he spent much of his time in Scotland, where he may have imbibed the spirit of intolerance which he in after life exhibited towards Roman Catholicism.

While still in petticoats he received a commission in the army as ensign. This system of place-giving, and the holding of sinecure offices through family influence, he attacked with the utmost severity when he arrived at manhood. He left the army and joined the navy; and at the age of eighteen we find him cruising round the West India Islands, as a midshipman under Lord Sandwich. It was at this time that his strong love for freedom first manifested itself, and he discussed with the Governor of

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