Lord George Bentinck and the Jews

The sixth Duke of Portland was a Subaltern aged 22 in the Goldstream Guards when he woke up one day to find that he had inherited the titles and the vast estates of his highly eccentric kinsman the fifth Duke; there is an account by his sister, who later was famous as Lady Ottoline Morrell, of the arrival of these two young people at that famous palace of Welbeck inhabited seemingly only by the hundreds of workmen engaged in carrying out the great subterranean excavations and con? structions on which the fifth Duke had laid such immense store. Lady Ottoline’s account is included in an anodyne book of reminiscences by her brother1 but this book does not include a particularly revealing anecdote on which Mr. Robert Blake in his distinguished and authorita? tive study of Disraeli2 has conferred the acco? lade of historic recognition. The story is one of which

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