London: the 13th-century Jewry revisited*

It is more than a century since Joseph Jacobs presented his paper ‘The London Jewry, 1290’ to the great Anglo-Jewish exhibition of 1887.((J. Jacobs, ‘The London Jewry, 1290′ in Papers read at the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibi? tion, Royal Albert Hall, London, 1887 (Publications of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition, I, 1888) 20-52; reprinted in J. Jacobs, Jewish Ideals and other essays (1896).)) His description formed the basis for his essay on London in the Jewish Encyclopedia, in the early 1900s, and for Elkan Nathan Adler’s London volume in the Jewish Communities series, published in Philadelphia in the 1930s. Both reproduced his plan of Jewish property without alteration. Since Jacobs’ time there have been few contributions to our knowledge of London’s medieval Jewry. The most notable, all published by the Society, are Canon Stokes’s short account of the London magnate family of the Eveskes or Cohens included in his Studies in Anglo-Jewish

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