Lieutenant Marcus Bloom: a Jewish hero of the SOE

Marcus Reginald Bloom, whose code names seem to have been ‘Urbain’ and ‘Bishop’,1 was born in Tottenham, north London, on 24 September 1907, into an Orthodox Jewish home,2 the second of four brothers (Alex, Marcus, Bernard and Jenice).3 He was the son of Harry Pizer (Percy) Bloom, who had been born in east London in 1882, the child of poor Polish Jewish immigrants, and of Anna Sadie Davidoff, born in Russia around 1882 and brought to England the same year. Anna’s family were small shopkeepers also in the East End and Anna and Harry met and were married in the early 1900s. The newly weds moved from a Brick Lane ‘over-the-shop address’ to a rented house in Tottenham where Alex and then Marcus were born. From a young age Harry (who died in 1949; Anna died in 1946) had been a successful small businessman, and by the time the Zeppelin

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