Lewis Way and His Times

LEWIS WAY was born in 1772, the second son of Benjamin Way of Denham Place, Buckmghamshire. His father was a prosperous squire, and the family was a large “?^one?six sons and seven daughters survived their infancy. His maternal grandfather was rector of Denham, and Lewis was brought up in an atmosphere of piety and duty, permeated by the mutual affection of excellent parents and a happy band of brothers and sisters. He wished to become a clergyman, but the family living was reserved for a brother, and Lewis was shepherded into the legal profession which he detested. He was saved from the necessity of practising it by the unexpected inheritance of a vast fortune in 1804. His fortune was to be used to the glory of God, but he only decided on the particular course he was to take in 1811. But from then until his death his main interest

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