Levi Barent Cohen and some of his descendants

When I was informed by Mr. Hyamson that your Society had done me the honour of inviting me to become its President for the ensuing year I greatly appre? ciated the compliment you paid me, but when he added that the first and most important duty of the President was to deliver a presidential address of some length, I must confess that I felt some qualms about accepting the office. I had read history at Oxford, but I had not pursued my studies of history when I came down from the University. I had read Mr. Roth’s interesting book, but I had never dug deep into Jewish history and must confess that I had found Gratz’s great work too indigestible for my taste. The one subject on which I had some qualifications to speak, Jews and the English Law, had so recently been largely covered by Professor Goodhart that I

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