Leone da Modena and his English Correspondents

IN 1926 I presented before the Jewish Historical Society of England a lengthy paper on Leone da Modena and England, subsequently published in its Transactions.2 It might have been rationally imagined that this exhausted all that could be said on the subject. But the student knows that this is always unlikely, as fresh material even on the most recondite topic is constantly coming to light. In 1943, the Bodleian Library acquired a collection of letters addressed to John Seiden, which I consulted with some eagerness in the hope of tracing the letter from Modena mentioned in the list of the former’s correspondence in the British Museum.3 I failed in my quest, and as a matter of fact I do not believe that this letter ever existed. But on the other hand I found some other unexpected material on the relations between the two.

A fair number of the letters in

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