Leone da Modena and England.

The name of Leone da Modena conjures up one of the most fascinating personalities of Italian Jewish history. Infant prodigy and hoary prodigal; Jack of twenty-six trades (which he enumerates with some satisfaction), but master of none ; cynic enough to compose a memorial address upon himself, yet so constitutionally unfortunate as to survive the person designated to deliver it; polemist against his own convictions, and practiser against his own precept; fortune-hunter, who lost more than one small competence by gambling, repeatedly condemned the vice, yet remained addicted to it until his last days ; the innovator of the macaronic poems which made equally bad sense in whatever language they were read ; withal a scholar of unusual breadth, a prolific writer, and an eloquent preacher?the pride of the Ghetto even though at times its shame. In his days the beautiful Venetian synagogues were thronged with priests, grandees, ambassadors, sometimes

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