Leonard Woolf’s Attitudes to his Jewish Background and to Judaism

Leonard Woolf is known principally simply for having been the husband of a genius, the famous experimental novelist, Virginia Woolf. The almost maternal solicitude he expended on her talent and personality and the stresses he endured due to her mental unbalance have made him a suitable candidate for humanist beatitude.

Cambridge at the turn of the century special? ised in men of an independent and gifted cast of mind, and with many of these Leonard formed lifelong bonds of friendship under the aegis of a secret intellectual society called the Apostles. Here Leonard enjoyed the mental and emotional stimulus of intercourse with men of such very varied minds as G. E. Moore, A. N. Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, Maynard Keynes, the economist, Lytton Strachey, satirist of Victorian morals, E. M. Forster, the novelist, and others, many of whom later formed the nucleus of the Blooms bury Group, the famous elite which

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