Judith Montefiore First Lady of Anglo-Jewry



Lady (Judith) Montefiore?from a painting at the Montefiore College, Ramsgate (reproduced in Think and Thank, by the Rev. D. A. Jessurun Cardozo and Paul Goodman, O.U.P., 1933, facing p. 48)



If you go into the Vestry Room at Bevis Marks (the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in London) and look round the walls your eyes will light upon a plaque:

This tablet is erected by the congregation in honor and to the memory of JUDITH wife of SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE Bart to record the many noble qualities which distinguished her She accompanied her husband in all the journeys he undertook to vindicate the cause of humanity and justice as well as to rescue from tyranny and oppression our suffering brethren in many foreign coun? tries. Her charitable disposition, her virtuous life, and her strong religious faith, ob? tained for her universal respect and esteem. 5623-1863 Such has

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