Judaica Publications by R. D. Barnett (1909-1986)

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1 'The Mantles' (With A. F. Kendrick) pp. 51-60; 'The Scrolls', pp. 61-4 in R. D. Barnett (ed.), Treasures of a London Temple...a descriptive catalogue ...of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (London 1951) 68 pp. 20 pis.

2 (ed.) Catalogue of an Exhibition of Anglo-Jewish Art and History in Commem? oration of the Tercentenary of the Resettlement of the Jews in the British Isles. Victoria and Albert Museum, 6 January-29 February 1956. 124 pp. 44 pis.

3 (ed.) Exposition Bibliografica Sefardica Mundial. Bibloteca National, Madrid. (Catalogue) 18 November-19 December 1959. 173 pp. 10 pis.

4 The Bevis Marks Synagogue (London 1970) pp. 1-3.

5 The Bevis Marks Synagogue (With Abraham Levy) (London 1972) pp. 1-20, 17 figs.

6 (ed.) The Sephardi Heritage. Essays on. ..the Jews of Spain and Portugal (London and New York 19 71) Vol. 1. 4 pis. 2 maps as endpapers.

7 (ed.)Catalogue of the Permanent and Loan Collections of the Jewish Museum, London (London 1974). 414 pp. 207 pis. 19 colour pis.

8 (ed.)Book of Prayer of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation, London, Vol. 5, Service for Passover and Feast of Weeks (Oxford 1970).

9 (In press) The Da Paiba Circumcision Register, Bevis Marks Records, Part IV.


1 Translations and transcriptions of Portuguese letters in E. R. Samuel, 'Portuguese Jews in Jacobean London' Trans JHSE XVIII (1953) pp. 212-30.

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3 'The Betahaim Novo of the Sephardim' JC 25 March 1955, p. 27.

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8 'The Burial Register of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, London 1657-1735' Misc. JHSE VI (1962) pp. 1-72.

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11 'Samuel Vita Montefiore's Diary' in Murray Mindlin and Chaim Bermant (eds) Explorations I (London 1967) pp. 245-63.

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15 'Palabras de Salutaci?n' Actus del Primer Simposio de Estudios Sefardies: Madrid ist-6th June 1964 (Madrid 1970) pp. 333-4, pis xi, xii.

16 'Dr Samuel Nunes Ribeiro and the settlement of Georgia' in A. Newman (ed.) Migration and Settlement: Proceedings of the Anglo-American Jewish Historical Conference, London 1970 (London 19 71) pp. 63-100, 3 pis.

17 'More letters of Hazan de

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