Josiah Wedgwood and Palestine

Many non-Jews in British political life have been attracted to the Zionist cause. Arthur Balfour gave his name to the famous Declaration of 1917, but even before this, men such as Laurence Oliphant (1829-88) were fully supportive of Jews returning to the Promised Land. Apart from Balfour, a number of major British political figures during the Great War showed their sympathies both in speech and in action, including David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Leopold Amery. There were others too, such as Josiah Wedgwood, the great-grandson of the man of the same name who founded the world-famous pottery firm in 1759. A political figure of some significance in Britain in the interwar years, Wedgwood became a vociferous supporter of Zionism and a vigourous critic of his own govern? ment in regard to its Palestinian policies. He spoke much in the British Parliament in favour of Zionism, as well as speaking

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