Jews in Vanity Fair*

During the years between 1869 and 1914, over 2300 caricatures were produced, one in each weekly issue of the magazine Vanity Fair. There were also groups which appeared in special season issues. Vanity Fair changed format and owner? ship in 1914 when the title was acquired by Conde Nast, who published it regularly until 1936 in America.1 It was revived there in 1983, and since 1984 an English edition has been produced. As well as the weekly issue, with its print and biographical note, there were annual albums each year until 1912, which were sold at 3 guineas each, bound in green cloth with gold tooling. There were also albums of proof copies, bound in leather and in strictly limited editions of ten, fifteen or twenty. The proofs were printed before the lettering was added and the album price was 15 guineas. Given a forty-fold multiplier, an equivalent contemporary price

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