Jews in English Regular Freemasonry, 1717—1860

My earliest contact with Freemasonry came about specifically because I was a Jew.

I came home from the grammar school where I was a scholarship boy one Friday in mid-term to find that I was not to go back on the Mon? day. My father had decided, for economic reasons, that I was to go to work and he had already fixed up an interview with a prospec? tive employer. So the rest of my formal educa? tion had to be postponed until I could make my own decisions.

The employer was at the time reputed to be the biggest newspaper and general printing business in the country, Hulton’s, in Withy Grove, Manchester, later Allied Newspapers, and now part of the Thomson Organisation. I was at once engaged as a copy-boy on the Manchester Evening Chronicle. The works manager was a quiet-spoken, neatly dressed, solid looking Scot named Mackay. One

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