Jews and the Coral Trade

not occur in any edition of Josephus that I have seen. The nearest is the picture of the High Priest’s headband in the original folio edition of Whiston’s Josephus, but there the letters are clearly Samaritan, like the Samaritan type used in eighteenth-century printed books.

The letters on the tombstone are more like the letters on silver shekels. Still nearer are the letters on the picture of the High Priest’s Breastplate in the 1730 edition (French) of Calmet’s Dictionary of the Bible, vol. iii. p. 352. In this picture the names of the twelve precious stones are written in cIbri characters very like those on the tomb. All the letters required occur, except vav, and the vav on the tomb is con? spicuously inferior in shape to the rest.

can scarcely claim to have unearthed the actual source of Daniel Symes’s erudition; in fact, I should not be satisfied until

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