Jewry of South-West England and some of its Australian Connections*

The programme of the current session of the Jewish Historical Society of England is largely commemorative of the centenary of the foundation of the United Synagogue. In my talk this evening, however, I would like to start by reminding you of an event that took place a century earlier. I am referring to Captain Cook’s landing in 1770 at Botany Bay on the coast of New South Wales and his claim thereupon of the whole of the eastern seaboard of Australia as a Colony of the British Crown. This bicentenary has been commemorated in a number of ways and among them the Australian Jewish Historical Society has organised a very successful exhibi? tion in Sydney depicting the history of Aus? tralian Jewry and the contribution that Jews have made to the general growth and develop? ment of Australia.

Widespread Ramifications

This evening I am going to illustrate that theme by

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