Jewish Residents in Eighteenth-century Twickenham

This paper is based on research undertaken by the late Paul de Castro and myself, while collecting material for a history of Twickenham in the eighteenth century, as yet unpublished.

Twickenham, on the Middlesex bank of the Thames, was renowned from the earliest days of the century for its fine riverside residences, as we learn from the pages of John Macky and Defoe. Many famous people were attracted by its ” laughing scene “, in the words of Gray, the poet, and it is not surprising that by the middle of the century we find among its wealthy and fashionable inhabitants members of several well-known Jewish families living there in comfort and repute. The chief names that occur are Franks, Franco, Salvador, Prado, and Nunez. Members of some of these families resided also in the adjacent villages of Teddington and Isle worth, and in Twickenham’s more important neighbour across the

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