Jewish personnel at Bletchley Park

As a supplement to his earlier research on Jews in the armed forces , Martin Sugarman informs us of another Bletchley Park man , including a portrait.

7944566 Captain Nathan Somers, RA/IC

Nathan was born in Cardiff on 26 June 1909, the son of Samuel Somers/ Sommers and Kate (née Rayman). He went to Canton Grammar School and was “barmitzvahed” in Cardiff. Despite earning an Exhibition to Oxford University he could not afford to take it up and studied German at Cardiff University instead. As a German linguist he became a secondary school teacher in Workingon (briefly) and then at Waterloo Grammar School in Liverpool. When war broke out he volunteered and did basic training at Catterick, later moving to the RA in order to take his Commission at the 133rd OCTU in North Wales into the Intelligence Corps. It was here that he met his wife, who was in

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