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REPORT, 1893-94.

The Jewish Historical Society of England was inaugurated at a large public meeting held in the rooms of the Maceabseans in St. James's Hall Restaurant, on Saturday, June 3rd, 1893. Mr. Lucien Wolf presided and proposed the resolution constituting tbe Society. The Chief Rabbi seconded the resolution, which was carried.

Meetings of the Society were held subsequently in the rooms of the Maccabaaans on the following dates :-

Nov. 11th, 1893. (1.) Inaugural Address by the President. (2.) Paper on " A Hebrew Elegy concerning the Massacres in 1190," by S. Schechter, M.A., Reader in Rabbinic in the University of Cambridge. (3.) "The Domus Conversorum," by C. Trice Martin, F.S.A., Assistant-Keeper of H.M. Records.

Feb. 4th, 1894. (4.) "A Homage to Menasseh ben Israel," by the Chief Rabbi. (5.) " Crypto-Jews under the Commonwealth," by the President.

May 13th, 1894. (6.) " Hugh of Lincoln," by Mr. Joseph Jacobs. (7.) "The Debts and Houses of the Jews of Hereford in 1290."

Besides these papers, other communications were laid before the Society, and one of these is included in the present volume.

A special General Meeting was held on January 3rd, 1894, at Tavistock House, and the Laws appended to this report were then adopted.

During the year, the Society has supported the efforts of Toynbee Hall to promote the delivery of lectures on Jewish history, and hopes soon to formulate a fuller scheme by which this branch of its work may be developed.

An important arrangement, the full details of which are prefixed to the Laws printed below, has been made with the Maccabasans. The first volume to be published in accordance with the scheme will be a collection of the writings of Menasseh ben Israel, edited by the President, Mr. Lucien Wolf. This volume will be ready in the course of the present year. The Fourth of February was last year celebrated by the Society as " Resettlement Day." It is proposed to make this an annual commemoration, for though Jews were living in England between 1290 and the time of Cromwell, yet the real modern history of the Jews of England commences from their formal toleration by the Protector in the middle of the seventeenth century.

The Society expresses its sincere gratitude to the Maccabaeans, and to the Council of Jews' College, for the use of rooms in which to hold its Meetings.

It will be seen from the Financial Statement appended that the balances in the hands of the Treasurer and Honorary Secretary amounted on December 31st, 1894, to ?39. 7s. 6d.


Report of Sub-Committee on the Relations between the Jewish Historical Society of England and the Mac CABiEANS.

In accordance with the instructions conveyed in the Resolution passed at the Meeting of the Council in June last, the Representatives nominated by the Committee of the Maccabseans and by

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