REPORT, 1893-94.

The Jewish Historical Society of England was inaugurated at a large public meeting held in the rooms of the Maceabseans in St. James’s Hall Restaurant, on Saturday, June 3rd, 1893. Mr. Lucien Wolf presided and proposed the resolution constituting tbe Society. The Chief Rabbi seconded the resolution, which was carried.

Meetings of the Society were held subsequently in the rooms of the Maccabaaans on the following dates :-

Nov. 11th, 1893. (1.) Inaugural Address by the President. (2.) Paper on ” A Hebrew Elegy concerning the Massacres in 1190,” by S. Schechter, M.A., Reader in Rabbinic in the University of Cambridge. (3.) “The Domus Conversorum,” by C. Trice Martin, F.S.A., Assistant-Keeper of H.M. Records.

Feb. 4th, 1894. (4.) “A Homage to Menasseh ben Israel,” by the Chief Rabbi. (5.) ” Crypto-Jews under the Commonwealth,” by the President.

May 13th, 1894. (6.) ” Hugh of Lincoln,” by Mr. Joseph

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