REPORT, 1894-95.

The Second Session of the Society has been marked by a continuance of the widespread interest which was aroused by its inauguration in 1893. The number of Ordinary Members is now about 225.

The first volume of the Society’s Transactions, which was issued in January 1894, has been favourably received both by Members and the Press.

Arrangements have been completed for several future publica? tions. The President has nearly ready for issue a volume of selected writings, bearing on the return of the Jews, by Menasseh ben Israel. This volume will be produced in facsimile, and will be adorned by au etching of Rembrandt’s portrait of the great Amsterdam Rabbi, and a facsimile of a petition presented to Cromwell by Menasseh in 1655 and signed by him, and the leading Marranos in London at the time. The Editor will add an Introduction. The Society has commissioned Mr. S.

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