Jewish Colonies in Cyprus ? Further Information

Since the publication of my paper ‘Nineteenth Century Jewish Colonies in Cyprus’ in Trans? actions XXII (1970), I have found a number of further items which help to clear up some questions or uncertainties.1

The first concerns the Russian Jewish group,2 headed by Joseph Massel (later of Manchester), which went first to Syria and then to Cyprus (1882-1884). I have now traced a report on the departure from London of this group in the 1882 volume of the Jewish Chronicle in Jews’ College Library, the one in the newspaper’s own library being defective. This report (1 September 1882)3 rounds off the account of their London contact:


We are informed that an interesting spectacle was afforded on Monday evening by the departure of a number of refugee Russian Jews from London Bridge Station by the continental train en route for Syria. ‘These constitute the pioneer

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